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so salty pieces of coral from surfing Hawaii in the 60's and 70's getting reef pounded living in my body fall through my skin from time to time!

sailing to Oahu

Jimi Hendrix was playing on Oahu. I had never sailed. Surfed Mexico, California, Hawaii! Aw, how hard could it be to sail 90-110 miles from Kauai to Oahu? Piece of cake, right? Remember it was the 60's! This is so bad. We thought we were looking at Kaiena Point,Ohau, knowing we weren't going to make the concert! But at least we were in site of Oahu-wrong! Coy, who had never sailed before, me,who had never sailed before, jeff and Abbott etc. We were looking at the sleeping giant on Kauai! We had done three-sixty's in the night! We sailed on the only tri-marran I've ever sailed on ( except later ) in my life, missed the concert! It was at the Waikiki Shell Ampitheater ( Moon eclipsed . We finally made Nawilwili Harbor! The Skipper tried to give us his boat saying, " It's trying to kill me"! We watched him go stark raving mad not even realising that had we got caught in the channel current we were on our way to Japan! Remember it was the 60's and we were going to see Hendrix. I left out some of the good stuff but I will make up for it later!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Cooktown ( why is this blog about captcook?)

My wife, Robin was hired by Ben to sail his new boat to Cooktown, Australia from Cairns, Australia. Not that far and yet you are inside the largest living organism on the face of the Earth! Captain Cook lucked out when he sailed through the" Great Barrier Reef", at "Grafton Passage". Or did he? There is a yes and a no here! There are not many entrances through the reef. He couldn't know that at the time because he was the greatest explorer, mapping, and biological ling ( I made that word up ) and making an undefinable world acceptable to a King and Queen a long way away who were just so excited by an idea that the Earth really wasn't flat and that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe! Well I'm still not sure about that one! So, Captain Cook sailed north like my wife when she delivered. What Captain Cook discovered is that once you are inside the largest living organism on the face of the Earth how does one return to the sea? Well he didn't until later. First he ran aground. His log gave an idea of a location pause......remember..these guys didn't have Greenwich mean time or zed. They were pretty much latitudinal dudes. Omega, Lo ran C, Sat Nav, GPS! Yea right! Screw your sextant also! Without a chronometer you can't realize longitude!! I went to the museum in Cooktown Australia. They found all the stuff Cook had his people through off his vessel so they could limp into a foreign port!!! Cooktown today is still a void! Not a port. Anyway, I love the museum because it's real. They only found the spot on the reef within the last fifty years where, canons, etc were off loaded or death awaited all of them. Cook's log is accessible to anyone with a curious mind. I'm amazed he found Grafton! I sailed into Cairns and had one of the most bizarre experiences through Grafton passage, unique, remind me later, to speak of it! Can you imagine sailing ( remember-no engine) with no chart, inside the Great Barrier Reef? It is rough enough with charts!!!


Hero-bussiness said...

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Robbin said...

Very interesting. I allow access. You apparently can read but not speak American. You have computer skills that surpass mine and change the title of my story/blog! Then you send me a message that you must knoe I can encode! Why? RB

Anonymous said...

You are not right. Write to me in PM, we will talk.

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