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so salty pieces of coral from surfing Hawaii in the 60's and 70's getting reef pounded living in my body fall through my skin from time to time!

sailing to Oahu

Jimi Hendrix was playing on Oahu. I had never sailed. Surfed Mexico, California, Hawaii! Aw, how hard could it be to sail 90-110 miles from Kauai to Oahu? Piece of cake, right? Remember it was the 60's! This is so bad. We thought we were looking at Kaiena Point,Ohau, knowing we weren't going to make the concert! But at least we were in site of Oahu-wrong! Coy, who had never sailed before, me,who had never sailed before, jeff and Abbott etc. We were looking at the sleeping giant on Kauai! We had done three-sixty's in the night! We sailed on the only tri-marran I've ever sailed on ( except later ) in my life, missed the concert! It was at the Waikiki Shell Ampitheater ( Moon eclipsed . We finally made Nawilwili Harbor! The Skipper tried to give us his boat saying, " It's trying to kill me"! We watched him go stark raving mad not even realising that had we got caught in the channel current we were on our way to Japan! Remember it was the 60's and we were going to see Hendrix. I left out some of the good stuff but I will make up for it later!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Anomaly, triganomitry, longitude and new frontiers!

      So What?  Math you say!  Mother Earth  is flat!  Ask anyone, they will tell you!  And you will believe.  How big is an ocean and how big is a ship called Earth?  Sailing through a universe so vast that I as a small entity, like a knat, see and saw a horizon line.  I have kept time to a cosmic dance that has allowed me to find a place in space where I am comfortable!  I have sailed with people that are filled with love.  Mistakes were made but they really were not!!  A boat slowed in a convection of current and wind as we all have but not like I have!  Because all blue water sailors have this one thing in common, arrive at the target that you set sail for!  I have never not made the destination or target that skipper or navigator have set before us all.  This is not braggidacio.  The truth of the matter is I am the guy you want on your boat simply because I can stand a watch, read a compass and chart, cook and make bread, and take a reading off the sextant, make alcohol and greet chiefs in villages only to announce in very explosive grammer my Captain, God incarnate, who has the power to water your garden!  I would like to connect this story with a boat I sailed with my dear friends Judy and Mark on a boat called, "Sea Rover" !  Mark is a marine surveyor, with another friend of mine named Ward.  I met Mark in San Diego, California.  A place called " Shelter Island " Rock and Roll is another name for a penisula off of Corinado Island! I had delivered a boat named " Weird " and anchored off rock and roll!  I could go on and on about all this but I won't!  I sailed with Mark and Judy to Maui.  To this day Judy, I have never seen or been around anyone who could puke 19days and 16 hours and be alive at the end of the journey.  God I love you.  Judy, when you gave me a pack of camel cigerettes in Samoa.  You blew my mind!  Can you believe we looked at Christmas Island and could not make it ?  Ward and Jackie lived there!!  But oh what fun we had on fanning!  Surf city! 

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