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so salty pieces of coral from surfing Hawaii in the 60's and 70's getting reef pounded living in my body fall through my skin from time to time!

sailing to Oahu

Jimi Hendrix was playing on Oahu. I had never sailed. Surfed Mexico, California, Hawaii! Aw, how hard could it be to sail 90-110 miles from Kauai to Oahu? Piece of cake, right? Remember it was the 60's! This is so bad. We thought we were looking at Kaiena Point,Ohau, knowing we weren't going to make the concert! But at least we were in site of Oahu-wrong! Coy, who had never sailed before, me,who had never sailed before, jeff and Abbott etc. We were looking at the sleeping giant on Kauai! We had done three-sixty's in the night! We sailed on the only tri-marran I've ever sailed on ( except later ) in my life, missed the concert! It was at the Waikiki Shell Ampitheater ( Moon eclipsed . We finally made Nawilwili Harbor! The Skipper tried to give us his boat saying, " It's trying to kill me"! We watched him go stark raving mad not even realising that had we got caught in the channel current we were on our way to Japan! Remember it was the 60's and we were going to see Hendrix. I left out some of the good stuff but I will make up for it later!

Friday, October 9, 2009

alcohol and bread

Shit! I hated not being able to make a sandwich while sailing from north to south! Even rice was hard to find. Eventually a cigarette became a luxury! All of these necessities become a story but not yet! Let's do bread and alcohol! I can turn these into many stories or processes that one who has traveled the distances I have, just, might understand the need for one and maybe the other! I learned, at sea to make loaves of bread on a rolling deck! I was able to feed a large crew, at sea, sandwiches only because of my need. I love bread and I also love booze. I have a formula for the finest kine sailing alcohol that has ever been found. We call it Hopi. It is an interesting combination of local fruit ( sugar ) yeast, water, containment, aging, a process that only requires a rolling deck, a desire to believe and a hope that your behavior might be affected/effected by the consumation of said " Hopi "! After eating the bread I made I sat on the secound spreader, fifty feet off the deck of Guinevere, drinking " Hopi ", with Royal Gage, contemplating our sail from Gizo,Solomans to Cairns, Aus- This will be another story! arrugghh

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